Sgp sbig ao8

Looking at SGP as a possible purchase but need to be sure I can make it work with my SBIG AO8 unit and ST2K internal guide chip (PHD2).

I have two self guide STT-8300 but since the only driver for AO8 and PhD is an Indi driver and since the STT built-in guide camera has to work via SGP’s SBIG guider plugin, I decided to go with a Starlight Express AO instead and couple that to my other (QSI) camera. I decided to use that because Andy Glasso (PhD) used one and I knew that if it worked for the developer, it was sure to work well - which it does. It also works direct instead of having to use the SBIG SGP plugin.

So I cannot say if the AO8 would work and have avoided buying one as a consequence.