SGP v2.6.1.106 did not start sequence running

Yesterday I patch from SPG to v2.6.1.102.
At the evening I configure a new sequence and klick to start. The ASI1600MMC cool down to -15°C, it is configured in the profile, but the sequence did not start running.

The first time I saw, that I got the phd2-graph in the module and in the bottom line is a message displayed with the distance auf phd2 guiding, but I did not configure in my profile the Autoguider.

So I configure the Autoguider in the Profile, start the sequnce again, but it is not running, it is waiting for something, but I don‘t know for what?

What can I do?
Where is the problem?

Best regards

I also have faced a similar problem with this version of SGP. In fact earlier during my DSLR photography, I was successfully able to plate solve my targets in SG Pro. Subsequently I switched to BYE for imaging. I recently procured one ZWO ASI294MC Pro and then I tried this camera with SG Pro. Though every time I successfully did plate solving, it subsequently did not go for imaging stating that rotator is needed for the camera. I am not able to understand the problem. All my efforts last two night have simply gone in vain.

I request kind help to get over this problem from the learned members of this forum

We’ll need logs to investigate. Information on how/where to find them can be found here:

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Hi Jared,
here is the link to the zipped logfiles

best regards

What approximate date and time did this happen at? That’s a lot of logs and it would be great to pinpoint it.

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Hi Jared, I dis install the new Version at 16.08.2018 afternoon, and the Problem so begin 16.08.2018 21:30.
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