SGP V4 is comming?

Removing URL to new site as it doesn’t need to be “this” public yet - Jared

OK, I downloaded V4 (actually V3.2.0.586) and it asked my to enter my license. I have a valid license and when I entered it I received the following error: “Activation API call failed”.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Liking that new site :smile:

Regarding the high quantity of bugs of the v3 releases, I’m not sure to pay for a v4 … In addition, with an annual paiement, I hope a software with less bugs or regulary corrected …

To find a stable release for our setup is, be fare, a challenge …

I am new to the forum, but couldn’t find any information on a change of business model for SGPro, so I hope I am not asking a question that has already been answered elsewhere.

It seems from the “store” page that this beta release refers you to in order to purchase a licence that SGPro is converting to a subscription model - is that confirmed?

I think that would be a great shame and would really put me off. Subscribing for feature releases is one thing, subscribing for bug fixes is another matter. I really appreciate the development work that has gone into SGPro and I absolutely accept the developers’ rights to be remunerated for their hard work but I would much rather the current model of paying a one off fee to upgrade for a major release.


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Is it really coming? The download link is v3.2.0.586. Also, I can’t find any release notes for v4. The website says the release date was 8-Sep. I’m a little confused…

Ken, what your saw was just a test development site that the devs didn’t hide…

& Ian, SGPro is not a subscription service, you buy an everlasting license for a ‘base’ product (currently v3…35x) and all updates to that version line & for use on 3 computers…

I wouldn’t mind them doing an update that they charged for at some point - I have been using this same license for a very long time - The devs deserve to get paid for their work. I’m also not a fan of the subscription model, but I feel like the SG Devs have delivered a lot of enhancements over the years and I’ve not had to pay a dime for them.

As for bugs - yeah I guess there are some, I rarely run into them, but get that if a bug is impacting you its pretty important and frustrating.

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I agree with Mikecmp. The developers do great work and provide so much support. They deserve to be compensated and that will help to continue to have access to such capable software. There have been so many improvements since I purchased SGP that I would be glad to purchase a newer version. The more I use SGP, the more I appreciate its value.


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I would be all for them having a “donate via Paypal” button on their website. I have used SGP for over 5yrs at least and only paid for the initial and then update a couple years ago. Really has been a solid platform with only a couple glitches that usually were my fault. Worse case, I had to roll back a rev version a couple times.

Yes, I would donate if they included a PayPal button. The software is excellent and I wouldn’t want to see the development stop.

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I’ve been waiting for V4 to come out with dual camera / focuser support. I’ve downloaded v3.2.0.586 but am unable to activate it. I tried “buying” the v4 software - but it looks to be in test in a sandbox. I’ve purchased a v3 licence - but that licence is not accepted by the beta (?) software. Are you able to issue a beta test licence?

V4 is not available for purchase yet. Hopefully in the next week or so. It will not initially have dual camera support.

Thank you,

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Is the new site functional? I have not received my email activation and old username and PW do not work.

We have not migrated the user accounts yet…but we have to have it live for testing purposes…sadly a double edged sword.


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Glad to have yall aboard the SGP TRAIN enjoy your ride . Ronnie