SGP with Losdmandy G11-Gemini I match problems

Hi everybody,
We are trying to sincronize Gemini I with SGP and we are having problems. It looks that They are not in the same position, although I click J2000 in Gemini driver it doesn’t work. When SGP goes to one target always it stars blind solve and needs a lot of time.
Anyone can explain me how to do this matching between Gemini I and SGP?

I use a G11 with Gemini 1 and PinPoint for plate solving with no issues. But, the pointing model in Gemini should be accurate otherwise a plate solve may not work, or depending on how much of an expansion search you set it for, take a long time.
If you slew to a target using the Gemini hand controller, is that accurate enough where you can see the target in the camera’s FOV?


Hi Mike,
Thanks for your answer.
Yes the accuracy of Gemini is Ok.
The thing is that the coordenates are not synchronized.
There is a buttom in setup Gemini that pu “Gemini spets J2000 coordinates” we tick this choice and the platesolve goes better but is not capable to centered, the pixels error are very high.
There is some step or choice that we are missing.