SGPPro and Windows XP

I installed SGPPro on a Windows XP laptop but noticed that XP is not one of the required OSs. Should SGPPro work OK under XP?

With me it works on XP professional. Even the latest Beta of SGPro

It may work, but XP is not a supported OS. Microsoft dropped support for it a while back and when that happened we did the same as it is now opened up to all kinds of Zero Day Viruses and Malware attacks.


Thanks. That is the information I needed. I’m well aware of the demise of XP. But viruses and support are not a big issue to me since I’m using it off line to control telescopes and don’t want to evolve the controller. I just want it to work.


Another problem you might run into sooner or later is that Microsoft is no longer updating critical .NET dependencies that SGPro needs to function. We removed restrictions on the installer to enforce this, but because of this constraint, we cannot support weird issues or suspected bugs from these platforms.


Will you be dropping support for Win7 also? Win10 essentially makes your machine their machine as updates from Microsoft cannot be stopped. This is kind of onerous for us astro users (or at least, me). I intend to stay on Win7 forever to control my observatory.

Eventually yes. But not for a long while. Essentially once MS drops support for the OS we will drop support for it as well.