SGPro 2.5 Settings Changes

If you have been using the beta, you are familiar with the new settings system (not really new per se, but definitely works to alleviate some confusion about what settings are “global” to SGPro and which are specific to the sequence (or equipment profile)). Affected settings (these are global in SGPro 2.4 and are now part of sequences and profiles in SGPro 2.5) are as follows:

  • Astrometry.NET settings
  • Pinpoint settings
  • Alnitak flatbox settings
  • All Canon camera settings
  • All Nikon camera settings
  • All SBIG camera settings
  • All SBIG CFW settings
  • All FLI Camera settings
  • Some QSI camera settings

In order to alleviate support issues and general confusion, SGPro 2.5 will release with a sequence and profile migration tool that will handle all this stuff for you (if you want to have it automated):