SGPro still beta

I installed the supposed stable version of SGPro V When I launch this version a window pops up to inform me that this version is a beta release and is possibly subject to bugs… If it is a stable version than the popup is confusing (and annoying). If it is a beta then it should me mentioned on the download page. Thank you for clarifying this little problem.
Kind regards

Yes, this has been corrected in the “actual” beta 4.1

Hi Ken,

Does this mean that we’ll still have the pop-up saying this is beta software until version 4.1 comes out of beta and becomes the replacement for

In the meantime, you’re saying it’s a known bug that will remain until the next stable release?

I had actually reverted to this version when it was still beta and I had had all sorts of issues with the beta versions that came when and after the new visual format was introduced. When I saw that it was now a legitimate ‘release’, I downloaded it again from the SGP download center and was confused when I still got the beta release warning pop-up.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, but no, just use dont show again.