Sgpro, Altair 183m pro and SkyX having a nightmare

Can anybody please help as I’m having a nightmare . I’m posting this both here and on software bisque site

I’ve just purchased a new cmos camera , an Altair Astro hypercam pro 183m.

My mount is a Paramount MYT using SkyX as the direct drive in Sequence Generator pro. Altair have been great trying to sort some of it out and I’ve had several re-writes of the ascom driver and we thought we had sorted it all , as I was testing it all in the house first before installing it in my observatory. However, when I installed it in my observatory all my problems began as I’d not used all software together.

When I connect using Sgpro and before connecting to SkyX direct drive it all seems to work ok. However as soon as I connect the SkyX direct drive and go to take a focus image it takes the image and says downloading but just freezes. I then have to press ‘ control, alt , delete ‘ to start task manager. As soon as task manager displays it says “ SkyX not responding “ momentarily. This then disappears and the image then downloads. Altair have been great but my head is done in … I don’t know if it’s a PC , Sgpro, SkyX or driver problem . I am using USB2 as I don’t have USB 3 on my pc which is running win10 all software and drivers are updated

It seems like to me it’s some sort of communication problem but who knows. It’s just very strange.

Hope someone can help

I’m not sure what SkyX as the direct drive is. Are you connecting your camera directly in SGP or are you somehow connecting in TheSkyX and using an ASCOM driver from TheSkyX to expose the camera to SGP? If the later is the case I would connect directly to the ASCOM driver of the camera in SGP and not connect through TheSky.


Hi Jared
SkyX direct drive is software bisque ascom driver . It basically turns the SkyX software into a driver for the paramount MYT.
I should point out I’ve had all of this working when I was using my QSI583 ccd and QHY10 ccd. I’ve upgraded to a cmos 183m and this is where the problem started everything is being connected in Sgpro. When you select connect to mount it starts the SkyX software and it runs in the background as the driver for the MYT mount

So if you only connect the 183m to SGP and nothing else is that working? Likewise if you only connect to the telescope in SGP (through TheSkyX) is that working?

Logs may be helpful here:


Sorry Jarred, it turns out my PC wasn’t Up to the extra work load the cmos was putting on it. I’ve had to upgrade my pc and all is working now. It did though need a few alterations to be made with the ascom driver