SGPro and myFocuserPro

I’m thinking of building this focuser ( Arduino ASCOM Focuser Pro DIY download | The documentation says the ASCOM driver has been tested with FocusMax, Nebulosity and APT.
Does it work with SGPro?

I’ve read reports of users having success with that and SGP Pro. Good luck in your build.


A friend of mine helped me to build my own “myfocuser” that I have been using the last few months.

It works excellent with SGP.

Allows me to get exact focusing, permits auto focusing with temperature changes (I am doing it each 0,7 degrees C because my refractor’s focus changes a lot at the beginning of the night), , you can use a remote control and also connect it to your notebook via Bluetooth or wifi (I don’t remember which one but my friend’s myfocuser is working like that).

Let us know how you progress


I use them on my scopes with SGP - they work well.


Thanks for that confirmation guys. On that basis I’ll be buying SGPro this morning and making a start on finding out where to buy all the bits and pieces. Building the focuser is going to be an adventure for me as I’ve never done anything like it before. It’s outside my range of experience, but as the instructions look so thorough I hope it won’t be outside my range of ability.

HI Robin


i am using it with SGP for 1 year ,but you mast get good steeper motor

Me and a club member use myFocuserPro with SGP with great success. I am using the smallest stepper with a Feather Touch Focuser, my collegue uses a Nema Stepper with a skywatcher focuser. Recently I built a second one also with a Nema Stepper.

I reccommend this project.

ssdoseri, can you recommend a good make of stepper motor?


I use this focuser as well and it works great. One thing to note though. My scope (W.O.81GTF) has a dual speed focuser. I had to remove the “slow” one as it was heavier than what my stepper could move. It’s a pretty beefy stepper but apparently it didn’t have the torque to overcome the inertia of the focuser knob. It took me a while to figure out but after I removed it I’ve had no problems at all.