SGPro Application Fails to Start

Hi Group,
I’ve used SGPro since the fall of last year. This January I upgraded my computer to a Dell Inspiron 3000 with Win 8.1. Nice computer, no complaints. Current build of SGPro is

Yesterday I received guidance from the gurus on proper selection of the filter for the plate solve imaging process. Once straight on what I needed to do, I opened and closed SGPro several times to make sure I understood the approach. All was well.

Last night I attempted to start SGPro and it failed to do so. This was not SGPro hanging during the startup procedure, but rather a refusal for the program to begin. There was no logfile created.

An uninstall and re-install did no good. My gut tells me this is a problem related to the computer’s registry. I’ve never been in there.

I’ve had one other experience similar to this with my old XP and a Canon utility. The solution in that case was to re-install windows.

Any and all suggestions short of a computer OS reinstall would be appreciated.


Could be an issue with a corrupt profile. See the second post here:

Hi Ken, thanks for the response.
I disabled the startup profile (located in its directory), but no improvement.

The above example you cite looks like what mine did sometime in the past where it would hang during startup. In my case then, SG would start the logs, but not complete the startup. But at least there was something to review.

As I mentioned in my first post, this case is one where SG does not begin to start. I click the SG app icon and there are about 5 seconds of the MS hoola-hoop going around and then nothing. No logs are produced.


Hmm. That’s pretty weird. No ideas come to mind. I’ll update this post if I do.

I had the same issue. I had to format my disk and make a fresh install to get it working again. Same thing with 2 computer (lenovo b5400 and a MacBook Pro retina with native windows). If I install a previous version it will continue working again.

Hi Ser,
Thanks for the suggestion. I installed the Beta and it worked.
I was not looking forward to tearing down and rebuilding Windows.


Had a similar issue. Try shutting off your Firewall and or virus software. Reboot and see if she works. Hope this helps.


Thanks Dennis,

I installed the latest Beta and it runs just fine. So after a lot of angst, the fix was simple.

Great… Ah yes, angst…I know that well :smile: