SGPro Can't work with Nikon D800 after hacker software

Sequence Generator Pro can work with D800 camera.
But I need dark current correction.
So I installed the Nikon Hacker software.
May be due to changes in the total pixel size.
Changed from 7360x4912 to 7244x4980
Could you help improve this issue?

Thank you

You need to give more info, just saying that it doesn’t work with your camera is no help at all.
Do you get an error message?

Did you test the camera with other software?

SGP doesn’t care about the resolution of any specific camera. We’ll need lots to be able to figure out what is happening. Maybe the camera is somehow being identified differently or is no longer compatible with the Nikon API?

Thank you,

Sorry for replying late
The following movie is the process of error operation.
The following link is the SGP Log file.

Please help me find the problem.
Thank you very much.

I’m not really sure. It’s probably worth using the auto select option in the Nikon Options of SGP and giving that a try. Other than that I’m not completely sure unless it’s something with the firmware.


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How can I send the Nikon D800 to the developer to help solve the problem?