SGPro Reverting to Trial License in My Observatory

Hi Guys,

Had an unexpected occurrence today with SGPro.

I Purchased SGPro on Sept. 4th of this year and then added Framing and Mosaic Wizard on Dec. 4th. I have the softwares on both my home computer and my OBS computer. The home computer is connected to the internet full time and the OBS is connected only when necessary. No problem with the home computer.

When originally loading the softwares I temporarly connected the OBS computer to the internet. And all has gone well until now.

But today when I started SGPro on the OBS box, there was the message that the Trial run had expired (see attachment). After hooking the OBS computer to the internet the retail license was again available… I then disconnected the internet and was able to start my Retail License once again.

This is the first time the License has refused to start on the OBS computer. The fix this time was to temporarily connect to the web. I don’t think this is the intended behavior. Any suggestions for going forward?



I didn’t think SGP required a persistent connection. I’m sure Jared or Ken will speak up.

Had you imaged since you bought the wizard?

I agree. My understanding is also that a one time connection is required for activating the license.

And I’ve been busy with imaging since adding the Wizard. This appears to be a sporadic problem that has shown itself just in the last two days…

I am running the latest service pack from Windows Vista if that might be relevant.



Whilthis should not happen, there are a few circumstances in which it can. You resolved this issue in the correct manner.