SGPro will not change filter wheel slot when using different filter wheels

I have two filter wheels, a CFW 8 for my SBIG ST8 and an EFW-8 for my ZWO camera. SGPro is permanently stuck on the slots for the CFW 8 even when the EFW-8 is connected to SGPro. Because of that, I can’t use SGPro with my ZWO camera. Yes, the filter wheel still moves but it’s an 8-slot filter wheel with software that says it’s only a 5-slot filter wheel and it’s not possible to go on which filter is in a particular slot number for that filter wheel.

Have you gone back into the control panel and changed the filter setup, as well as the ASCOM settings? I have to do that when I switch between a 7 and 8 filter wheel. There are kinda two sets of settings, the ASCOM ones and the SGP ones - SGP has the option to copy them from ASCOM. I just normally tell the ASCOM driver the number of filters and do the assigning in SGP, with the focus offsets, since they vary with telescope.