SGPro won't let me maintain my licence details

I hope someone can help. I have a full and working licence for SGP. Suddenly this morning my SGP reverted to ‘lite’ and required my licence details. I put my details in and it says success. I then close SGP and reopen and it requires my licence details again and this time says I am not a registered user.

When I open SGP and go into the licence this machine I can put the details in fine, but they don’t seem to be remembered for when I next open the programme.

I hope someone can help me.

This is my first screen showing success with licence details from within SGP

This is the next screen after closing down SGP and reopening it and using the correct details again.



Some additional background that may be relevant Sara has my old PC and I had forgotten to remove it from the licensing portal and removed it night so there may be some issue with registration.

What would that have to do with the fact that I have valid licence details though? I hope it can be sorted - It may be clear for me tonight!!

Swag, can you log in to your account at, click on “Manage” in the upper right corner, and then “Product Licenses”? If you can, do you see your computer listed under “Sequence Generator Pro Machines”? Your license allows you to install on up to 3 computers, so you can try to add your computer there.

My computer is already listed there - I have deleted it and then gone back into SGP to licence the machine but I still get the same issue.

Could it be similar to this issue? Problems Registering SGPro on newly re-named PC

Perhaps. Did you change the name of your computer recently? In any event, your computer needs to be listed under your account on the MSS website. If you deleted it from there you need to add on the website again.

At this point Ken or Jared will have to weigh in.

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I haven’t changed a single things since it was working yesterday. The only thing that has happened is that Trevor has deleted this computer from his account

As you can see, it’s here under my licence in the main site.

Our licensing system is not yet sophisticated enough to move a registered machine to a different account. I will need one of you to PM me the email addresses associated with both Paypal accounts (the address the Paypal receipt was sent to) . Once I have them, I can reset both accounts completely. This means that ALL machines for both accounts will need to be re-registered, but should keep working after that.

Many thanks Ken - That’s all sorted now. Thanks for your help.