Since installing most recent upgrade plate solve doesn't read images and aborts. This has happened on both of my laptops


Aprox time of issue:

Link to Logs

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
.NET: 4.8

Have you checked the obvious? Paths/pixel scale etc?

yes rechecked many times scale and pixel size width and height focal length aperture every thing entered into equipment profile manager.

Everything worked fine until a few weeks ago. Haven’t had many good nights until last few days to try to solve things

Please create a support request with logs attached. And note approximate time of the error.

Closing this request

Thank you,

Jared I don’t know how to create a log. time of error is about 10:30

i think i replied with log file I hope you got it

Got the logs (both sets) but I don’t see any plate solve attempts in either set of logs. It may be best to clear out the log directory and reproduce the problem and send those logs.


Thanks Jared next clear night I will do that. Was there anything else i need to do on that reply with logs? Or topics or any other info?

It would be helpful to point us to the main thread (this one) just so we know where the logs are associated. We’re going to change the load uploader tool so that you can pick a thread to attach them to, but in the mean time it would help us to know where they go.


after viewing some youtube videos, I edited platesolve parameters. I changed Max Star Size to 8, and Detection Thrwshold to 12. On the control panel I increased values for attempt to ce ter until error is less than: I’m using 1000, now plate solve works. I plan on reducing the eror value over time, but these changes are woring.