Slew and centering

I have just updated to V2.6.0.23 and also installed platesolve2. I am having trouble with slewing form home position. It wants to try to plate solve first and slew which gives a bad solve. I have both slew and center checked in the target box. I know plate solving at the pole is not good and before I updated it would slew first to the target and then plate solve using

Can anyone help?

I have the same problem

You might want to include a log and a screen shot of your settings under the plate solve tab. My guess is the log will show the problem. PS2 can be a little difficult to set up, so you might want to look for posts in that regard. I use PPoint, so I can’t advise.

I have encountered this problem a couple of times and don’t know if this has fixed it but once I started doing it I did not have this happen again.

I have been shooting a 10 second frame and focus shot from the home position when I start and then plate solve it. I don’t tell it to save as my target I just do the plate solve thinking that maybe it lets SGP know where it is pointed. After that I start the sequence and it finds it’s target.

Like I said this might just be bogus but since I started doing this I have not had it happen again.

Lastly because of that whenever I change to a different target I go back to home and repeat the process.

Sounds more like superstition than science but for whatever reason I am not dealing with the issue anymore.


I don’t think anything has really changed there. If you can post some logs we can take a look.