Slow download speed

I am not sure whether its my idea or not…I havent updated my SGP version for about a year now and in the newest version I find the image download speeds considerably slower (I have a QHY9)!
In general, the download speed seems slower compared to other imaging programs and I am not sure why.
Any ideas on the subject?

A better place to add ask this question would be on the QHY boards. SGPro
uses the QHY ascom driver just like any other ascom driver. When it tells.
SGPro that it’s ready for download we go fetch it, but we don’t make
decisions around how the camera operates.

I would expect 20-30 sec for 1x1. What are you seeing? Are you using a USB
hub? What version of the qhy and qhy ascom drivers are you using?

You are correct that I am using a USB hub and indeed that was one of the things I considered. Its just that I used the hub before and it seemed that it was faster…albeit not extremely fast due to the inherent difficulty of the QHY9 driver as u mentioned. I am using the latest drivers…
Just thought of asking. Perhaps, I could insert the QHY9 cable directly to the PC in order to avoid any speed reduction by the hub.

I have also had similar problems to the point that I always run the main
cam direct into the pc’s USB port. All the other devices get relegated to
the hub. This has always worked well for me.