Some Very Minor Documentation Corrections

Noticed a few minor things that may/may not require correction in the documentation -

  • Control Panel Equipment (top level)
    • In main panel PlateSolve2 and Local are not listed
  • Control Panel Equipment->PlateSolvers
    • Correct "Pinpoint: See Setting up PlateSolve2" to "PlateSolve2: See Setting up PlateSolve2
    • Local does not appear in Contents sidebar under Plate Solvers
  • Under API Documentation
    • SgSendGuidePulse appears to be missing in the Operations table
    • Change "SgPro" for "SGPro"
    • The Link to the forum under the "Further Help" section does not seem to exist anymore

Thx for the feedback. I have corrected most of the issues you found…

We cannot use Astrometry.NET for commercial purposes. We can indicate that we are compatible with it, but distributing instructions on how to set up a local Astrometry.NET server for use with SGPro is probably crossing that line. These instructions will need to stay at @Andy s site.

OK, I did not know about the Astrometry.NET reason so thank you for that explanation.