Step size for 107mm f/6.5 apo

I just installed the Rigel nStep motor on my Teleskop Service 107mm f/6.5 triplet refractor. Does anyone here know where a good starting point would be for me? Where should I start for Step Size, etc? I’m using an SBIG STF-8300M camera and the image scale is 1.585"/pixel. Thanks

I use an nstep on a 80mm f/7 with a STF8300 and have it set to 37 step x 9. Works pretty good.

Just figure out the math by running a few tests with the HFR tool. Run your focus to perfect then step out till you see HFR 3. Then go back to start and work out the other direction.

Take the total number of steps and divide it by your iterations… Takes 15 minutes of your imagjng time b

Thanks! I’ll give that a try…Is this Chris? This is Richard Flinn here, rflinn68 on CN.

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Hey Richard! Good to hear from you :laughing: can’t wait to see some more of your great images.

Sorry for the typos. iPhones suck for these apps.

LOL…good to hear from you too. Thanks Chris. Hopefully I can get this autofocus figured out. I’m hoping it will be a game changer for me. Hope you have a great 2015. :smile:

Autofocus is phenomenal. You’ll love it! Did you get a new scope too?

Yes, I just recently got this Teleskop Service 107mm f/6.5 carbon fiber triplet. I LOVE the scope! I think I’ll be keeping this one a while. :smile:

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It’s nice when you finally find what you really want.