Strange results

I did try SGP for the first time, results where strange, imaging stopped and or say it is complete.
pls see attached pictures.
Regards Hugo

You will have to provide your logs to find out what happened.

See: How to ask for help how to do this.

Hello, here are the logfiles.

Regards Hugo

sg_logfile_20191029003728.txt (251 KB)

sg_logfile_20191029000141.txt (706 KB)


It’s hard to say exactly what happened with only SGPro’s side of the story, but it seems SGPro was not able to start the auto guider. Version 3.1 (in beta) makes this issue easier to spot…

[10/29/19 00:02:33.911][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Request to settle auto guider has failed. Guider reports it is not guiding…
[10/29/19 00:02:33.997][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Something has gone wrong while attempting to dither or settle the auto guider, but recovery mode is NOT active!