Stuck downloading image

I’ve only used SGP twice this being the third and I’m currently having issues downloading images, the bar just continues on forever and when I try to abort it its stuck aborting.

Hi Brian,

We will need some additional information to help. Please see here and we’ll take a look:

Here’s the log file,

I’ve tried switching USB ports disconnecting all my other Ports but it still hangs on the download.

Problems like this are usually caused by USB problems, i see you have testet different USB ports so i’d suggest you try another USB cable.
How long is the one you are currently using?
Did you modify the firmware in any way?

It’s about 3 feet long and I do use a USB extender but disconnecting the extender didn’t change anything, If its just the camera plugged in and not the mount or guider I’m able to download the photos.

It won’t even download with just the mount and camera connected? (no guidecam)
How many USB ports do you have? PC specs?
If you have a powered USB hub that’s something you can try.

Yes even without the guidecam I can’t download the images, there’s three USB ports I’m using all of them I’m connect to my laptop outside with Teamviewer, The laptop is pretty slow only like 4 gigs of ram but it gets the job done. I’m able to download images using Backyard nikon just not SGP. The first picture will download but not any others after that.

@brianjamesb11 It may be an issue with SGPro itself… The Nikon code does not get exercised a whole lot. Using frame and focus, can you:

  1. Make sure Live View is OFF
  2. Take an exposure that is more than 30 seconds long

I realize that this doesn’t solve your problem, but will give us some additional data…

Alright, I connect everything ran the 30 second exposure I let it try to download for a few minutes then aborted It got stuck aborting so I closed the program.

Needs to be more than 30 seconds… 31 is fine.

Can’t believe I misread that lol, Here’s a 35 second log.

Have you found a fix to this issue?

@brianjamesb11 not at the moment. I’ll have to test this out with a D5300, unfortunately there isn’t enough in that log to go on other than something bad happened.


It’s working right now, not sure why I didn’t change anything but I was able to download images, plate solve, and do a auto meridian flip but after the flip my time to next pier flip didn’t update and was NA.

I was running a session and after the meridian flip it failed to plate solve and had to invoke the blind fail over, that gave me an error telling me it was far away from the target and gave me the option to continue. I did and after a few tries it was able to center back to my target. Is there any way for that box to be check automatically so it will always continue even if its far off.