Switching between camera profiles in SGPro

I have two dslr cameras,a Canon T7i which is modified and a Canon T1i which is stock and would like to use both with SGPro. I have created two seperate profiles for each camera and basically the same settings for each profile except Pixel Scale and Pixel ‘h’ and ‘w’. The T1i I have been using for years and works great with SGPro. However, I just got my T7i and just created the profile for it. Yesterday I tried for the first time connecting it with SGPro but it would not connect. I think it wouldn’t connect because SGP is looking for my T1i and doesn’t reconize my T7i. So my question is how do I switch between camera profiles when I want to shoot with one versus the other.


SGPro profiles don’t differentiate between Canon cameras. The T7i does not connect because SGPro currently does not support that generation of DIGIC. We will be releasing SGPro 3.2 in the near future in order to update the Canon drivers.


Thank you for letting me know that.