Synchronize SGP to TheSkyX?

Without getting overly complicated let me just say that I’m attempting to automate imaging with two scopes on one mount (2 TEC refractors on an MEII). I currently have a special program that synchronizes images taken in TSX over to CCDSoft. This allows me to dither both scopes. There are a few reasons why I’d like to abandon CCDSoft. I basically wonder if it might be possible to have a program written that would allow me to trigger an image (or sequence) in SGP every time an image was taken in TSX. I realize that SGP has an API but I’m not informed enough to know if this interface would allow for such a program to be written. If it would I would be very happy to use SGP! Many thanks!


Yes the API can be used to take an image and is made to be triggered from an outside system. The documentation actually has an example of an image being taken:


Thanks! That is exactly what I’m looking for.