Target import Starry Night V7

I can successfully export an observation list but when I try to import into SGP after selecting import options for centering and slewing I get a dialog box "success 0 of 0 targets imported"
No targets, is this a bug? or am I hopefully missing something


We will need you to post the export file from SN. I honestly didn’t even know 7 was released. We only officially support SN 6.


For the longest time I have reported the ‘bug’ to SN7 authors that the ‘export’ feature exports nothing but an empty file with no co-ordinates. I admit I have not checked after the very last SN7 update though.Try opening the file in Notepad and viewing the contents then report back…


Using ver Win 8.1
Here are a couple of exported target files from the Observing lists

PeterDeep Sky Objects for Light Polluted Skies.txt (3.6 KB)

test.txt (257 Bytes)

I am trying to get my Target RA/DEC to autopopulate instead of having to type it in every time.Then plate solve, resync the scope and proceed to my intended target.



Thanks Peter,

Looks like this is broken for SGPro 2.3, but somewhere along the line I fixed it for SGPro 2.4 and forgot. So when I import using 2.4, I successfully import all the targets and 2.3 imports 0. We will not be porting this fix to the 2.3 version. If you would like to start using this functionality immediately you can download and start using 2.4 beta. Otherwise the fix will likely be out in a couple weeks when 2.4 is formally released.


Thank you Ken
Will the Beta install over 2.3 or should I uninstall first?

You can install over

Done, thank you, works great
$old :smile: