Target Settings - Time Constraints

Hi Group,

I have two targets (i.e. Target1 and Target2) set in the sequencer. I apply a time value to (the latter) Target2 in “Start capturing at/Time Constraints/Target Settings”. And assume the time setting chosen is some time after Target1 completes its imaging.

What does the scope do when Target1 completes its imaging? Does the system remain on Target1 until the Target2 time rolls around? Or, does the scope immediately go to Target2 and remain there until told by the time setting to begin Target2?

Appreciate your help. Great software!



I’ve used this feature a few times and when I’m paying attention to how it works, I noticed that it will remain on Target1 sort of “twiddling its thumbs” (you’ll get a note on the bottom of the main SGP window stating that it is waiting for the start time of the next target). When the Target2 time comes around, it will slew to Target2 and do its thing. For me this was important as I didn’t want a meridian flip back looking east and waited for Target2 to cross the meridian before imaging (I was already looking west imaging Target1).

Frank Z…

Thanks Frank,

This is good to know and I’ll work it into my strategy.
I appreciate the importance of not crossing the meridian unless you have to. In my case, I’m dodging trees both to the West and East.


In the future, we would like to add an option that can define behavior of the mount during this wait period. Will possibly start with an option to simply “disable mount tracking while waiting”. This will help to prevent unnecessary meridian flips and will also help avoid situations where the mount would track itself into a dangerous area while it is waiting.

I set my last target to start somewhat later than the completion of the previous one. At the completion of this previous target, the display noted that SGPro was “waitng until X o,clock to start Y target”.

And it worked as advertized.

I appreciate your help.


Right now it will continue to track with target 1.