TEC control


I have problems with the TEC control because despite I know the camera is working well (I see the numbers in the TEC display of the camera), in the control pannel and in the temperature pannel the only thing I can see is the following:

Temperature 0,0/-5 (1%),

(-5ºC) is the target temperature,

And the same thing with the warm up option,

Any idea?,

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Can you post the log file?

In the control panel, do you have the option checked to “Cool down when camera connects”?


Find attatched the log,

That option is checked,

sg_logfile_20150418092435.txt (36.6 KB)


I’ll check to make sure this is not a regional issue (what region is your Windows set to?), but I have difficulty believing that your camera is reporting a proper temperature.

[18/04/2015 9:33:48] [DEBUG] [TEC Thread] TEC Change: Changing temp from 0,00 to -5,00 in 300 seconds...

Every time you tried to cool, your camera reported it was exactly at 0C. This seems like the camera TEC is not functioning (or reporting properly). I know most QHY cameras have a separate power supply for the TEC. Have you checked to make sure yours is still OK?


My region is Spain and the TEC works properly with other programs such as EZCAp and MAXIM DL,

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Are ezcap and Maxim using ASCOM or native drivers for the camera?

ASCOM drivers

I have confirmed that this is not a regional issue.

I think there might be some confusion here. EZCAP does not support ASCOM. So… when you say you used ASCOM through MaximDL, did you choose your camera directly from a drop down list of cameras or through a popup dialog that looks like this:

The log indicates your camera’s ASCOM driver is returning a bogus temperature. Setting my machine’s region to Spain, the CCD cool down works as expected.

You´re right, with EZCAP I choose directly from a drop list but with MAXIM is through a popup dialog that looks like you say. On the other hand, what I mean is that the cool down and the warm up seem to work because I can see the change of temperature in the TEC display of the camera but in the temperature dialogs of SGP that change doesn´t appears…