Telescope is parked, or not tracking warning

I have begun receiving a warning that the telescope is parked or not tracking, click yes to resume tracking or no to abort.
Equipment - Paramount MX+, running ProTrack, PHD 2.6.5, SGP 3.0.2

I’m not sure where the error is coming from, it will occur at any time during the sequence, tonight it has occured 3 times in about an hour and a half. I do not have SGP set up to park the mount after sequence ends just in case that was part of the problem. The Sky X is showing that the mount is tracking when I receive the warning on SGP. The problem began while I was still using version 2.6. The weather here has be pretty bad, so limited chances to do any imaging, which is why I’ve waited a couple of months to reach out for assistance with this issue.
Everything else seems to be running properly

Thanks in advance for any input/ideas

Mike Pelzel

We’ll need SGP logs to take a look. Please see here:


Mike - my MX / TSX combination sometimes does not send out the correct AtPark status, confusing the hell out of SGP (usually at the end of sequence, when SGP parks it)
One thing to check is the TSX ASCOM driver log. If that gets an exception from the TSX application, it will sometimes disable settings and the next time you look at the ASCOM settings, it has changed. Any exceptions should be recorded in its log file (enabled in the TSX ASCOM setup dialog).

I have been running SGP V2 and V3 on regular occasions over the last few years and these hiccups are pretty infrequent. I have not done any exacting test but I notice that the ASCOM telescope status is more likely to get confused if you independently go into TSX and start controlling the mount (tracking on/off, park). SGP and my obsy controller both interface to TSX and I try to do everything through ASCOM. That seems to work best. I have my suspicions it is tied up with the way that the TSX application interface works.

Log located here:

I’m thinking it may be related to either PHD or my connection from the computer to the scope. I received a few lost connection errors for the guide camera on PHD, but it was able to reconnect. Does not appear that when this occured I received the mount error in SGP. On the 25th/26th, after the meridian flip, PHD guiding was not working properly. Since I was only doing 2 minute exposures, I shut down PHD, changed guiding to direct guide, and had no further problems for the rest of the night.

At one time TSX had a problem with PHD2 dithering through direct guide and the communications would sometimes fail, prompting a re-boot of the software. It was raised in SB website and changes were made (2 years ago?). I do not have firm evidence to support the assertion and it may be just coincidence but on the vary rare occasions that I lose control of the mount during an imaging session, it seems to occur immediately after a dither.