Temperature reading issues

Hi folks, this is my first time posting here. I really like the look of this software and would like to fully test it but I cannot get it to report accurate temperatures for my QHY8L TEC or TemperHum. It is reporting temperatures that I would estimate at around 70F below actual (e.g. it reports 1-2F in a 70F house). Other imaging software I use reports accurately so I do not think it is me or my setup. I am running it on a Windows 8.1 tablet. Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.



We only “kind of” support TemperHum. We are missing the ability to provide user based offsets and may add it in the future. If your TemperHUM reading is WAY off, I can understand that. That said, how do you know your TEC temperature is wrong?


Ok, thanks Ken. As for the TEC temperature, when connecting the QHY8L from a “warm” start I went right to the Temperature control as is my standard practice and there the Temperature reading was already 1-2C which was not possible. If no one else has this problem maybe it is something with my equipment after all. I have had some USB connection problems, maybe that might be a cause.


I’m afraid we won’t be of much help to you here. We take the temperature directly from the ASCOM property that holds it and display it for you. We don’t modify it or attempt to place it through any type of conversion.