Temperature sensor?

My Temperhum ist not working.
There are other sensors for SGP?


I think most of us use sensors that are tied into our focusers. What are you using for a focuser?

it’s a self made motorfocus
no temperature sensor included

Simplest may be to add a temperature sensor to your hardware and use the ASCOM Temperature property in the driver.

is difficult, an external sensor is easier for me

Yea, I don’t think it’ll work other than trying to find a temperhum that works. I know there is a multitude of them.

One option would be to buy something like a Rigel nstep. It’s cheap and has a temperature option to it. You can probably control your current stepper with it. The developer is awesome and will help you build a cable if it won’t work automatically.

no, never touch a running system :wink:
My Temperhum Sensor working on APT (Astro Photography Tool)
I think this is a software problem and it possible to change.

It’s likely that APT just supports different versions of the temperhum sensor than we do. There are a lot of them, none of which are versioned or have any information about communication specification. So it’s always the luck of the draw based on what you get and what software supports it.

All that to say we have no idea what device you have and cannot guarantee support for it. You would literally have to mail it to us to guarantee support and we don’t have the desire to do that with every variation of the temperhum device. The easiest route would be to integrate the temperhum into the focus driver you created. That way you have total control and you will know it will work with your device.


My experience with TemPerHum has been similar to the others. I had one that worked for a while but
stopped when the OS was upgraded. Basically it is a cheap and poorly supported piece of hardware and
cannot be depended on to work in any given situation except by sheer luck. I know folks hate to hear this,
but you get what you pay for and a better piece of hardware would be my suggestion as well.

not nice :wink:

Not sure what that means. I was simply relating my experience with the device, which has not been good and therefore I can’t recommend it. By any measure it is (literally at $25 - $30) a cheap device and it should not be surprising that it behaves that way. Every alternative I am aware of costs more, often much more. Sad, but true, and not at all unusual when it comes to equipment in this hobby (maybe any hobby?).

This is also our experience and it is why we have removed any future TemperHum work from our backlog. We will likely not remove existing support, but we currently don’t consider this (tracking and supporting versionless hardware) a worthwhile endeavor.

alternative: could you possibly read the logfile from the themperhum software?

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