Thanks Guys!

I suspect that it can get a little disheartening at times dealing with bug reports during a Beta test period, so I just wanted to say “Well done and Thanks!” to you all at MSS for developing such a great product.

Last night, I installed Beta 4 and PHD2 R1364 then;

I had a play with Meridian Flips - all of which worked perfectly, then centred on the Cave Nebula using the local Astrometry server at 1638hrs sequence start time.

I’d set my scope way off focus as a test, and the new extended focus algorithm pulled it into perfect focus, then kept it there every half degree temperature drop and after every filter change.

SGPro started PHD2 cycling, and it calibrated successfully before starting guiding and allowing SGPro to start imaging.

The sequence then ran for six hours, dithering and refocusing as required - until the forecast cloud came over…and GNS kept me informed of progress all the way through.

No warnings, errors or bugs at all - just the easiest evening of imaging that I’ve ever had.

In fact, it was so easy that I even sat down and had a chat with my wife over a cup of tea. She seems like a nice lady!

Thanks again and keep up the good work!


PS - I’ve just realised that I’ve probably invited hundreds of gremlins round next time out by writing this, but hey-ho - give yourselves a pat on the back.

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Nicely said.
Feedback can be frustrating for developers but at the end of the day, it is done with good intentions and not a little effort to try to provide the best information that we can. We could all just wait around and let someone else figure it out or worse still, say nothing, walk away and choose another product or carp from the sidelines.

I don’t want to encourage any gremlins but I feel the Beta’s are just ironing out a few little kinks now.

Thanks. Being frustrated is part of being human I suppose… That said, we don’t expect much different when we release betas chalked full of new features. We really do appreciate the feedback.

Glad you are enjoying SGPro.