The Autofocus Graph Keeps Hiding Out


This has been happening for a while and I have not reported it. Occasionally, during autofocus process, the graph interface suddenly disappears. Sometimes it can be found under other interfaces and sometimes it cannot be found at all.

I also was not able to get a V shape curve. At best I could get a very flat and unsymmetrical V shape. I tried various step sizes to no avail.

Here is a link to the log file.




I have also had this constantly happen for months and haven’t gotten around to reporting it. I notice that clicking on the image brings the graph back.

Yeah, you click here and there - and one time I just had to shut it down and restart it. Very frustrating.

Can confirm it sometimes disappears, but it reappears after the next autofocus exposure if I click on the main window.

It has happened to me as well. Didn’t know that it could reappear when clicking on the main window as I resorted to minimizing windows to get it to appear.

Yes, minimizing used to work for me too, which is why I didn’t make much of it. Last session was the most frustrating for me because nothing would work.

I think this interface has to be made to be more stable.

I get the same problem with the graph hiding. Think it hides behind the main window

Same for me. This has been happening for a while. Autofocus graph hides and can be brought back by random clicking. Very frustrating.

Same for me. I have to use the CTRL Tab back & forth to go to another App e.g. PHD2 and comeback to make the auto-focus window re-appear. Hope this will help…


André :slight_smile:

My solution for this annoyance is to click on the Control Panel icon and the focus screen reappears. I also move the focus screen off the image, which seems to stop the disappearing act.

Same problem here since several months, is it so difficult to solve?

It shouldn’t be difficult to fix.

It does not appear to be a universal problem. I was down (no imaging) for a couple of weeks but up & running again last night. In the interim I updated quite a few software packages (including alllowing Win 10 to do an update). Also SGP - updated to the latest (…544). Having noted these posts on the forum I was expecting to see this problem show up - but it did not. SGP ran all night without problem and the AF graph window was on top every time it ran.

Back again from another imaging session and the problem for me persists. In the nick of time the graph interface pops up and just before placing its first dot it vanishes. It makes no difference what I click on and what I minimize and maximize, it remains hidden until it finishes what it is doing. I have been able to keep it on only one time.

I’m the same as Kinch. Latest updates to Windows and SGP and I have full visibility of the graph until it closes out after the allotted time. It’s a puzzle.
(I’m running Win x64 Pro)