The need to tick the 'move here' box when RA+dec is already given

I just have this nagging question when I enter the details for each target. Why is it necessary to also tick the box (why is there even a box) to say ‘move here’ when you are giving the RA+dec of a new target? Surely the act of entering the various bits of info is telling SGP that you want the scope to move? On my second run I forgot to tick this box in every target so the whole night’s images were taken on the first source and yet all were labelled for subsequent targets despite the scope not having moved at all. I ask myself ‘why is there an additional need to have this box’?

  1. You want to store location info, but are already on target (use it for future nights)
  2. You can slew to or conduct a precision center on this location… we need to know which one.

Thanks Ken. That clears up that query.
I had a nice second test run last night; several easy targets (all with the box ticked!) and all imaged. No guiding, just getting the basics working. 60 secs is OK with this setup. Next job is on-the-spot solving to move to target because currently the pointing is a little off (but otherwise fine).

I have another minor query but perhaps I should post it separately?
[I want to have the scope wait for an hour or two without driving, and then slew and start imaging. I’ll be reading the manual etc again…]


Just set the Start Time on your first target to the time you want everything to start and click “Run Sequence.” SGP will stay paused until that time and then it will start running.


Keep in mind the scope will still drive between targets.