The Squid Narrowband

Here is another image, this time from this summer. This is a false color narrowband image (Ha/S2/O3) with RGB stars. The object is variously called the “flying bat” (the gold Ha area) or the MUCH fainter blue area within called “the Squid”.

Unless you are an experienced imager, it is hard to appreciate just how tough the blue squid portion is to image - it is really faint!

In fact, there was an APOD last month with a somewhat wider area and different method (and therefore a different color palette):

Squid APOD

FSQ 106
STT 8300
Paramount ME
Captured SGP/PhD
Processed PixInsight

39 hours total exposure (told you it was faint )…

The Bat and The Squid


Beautiful shot of this very faint nebula, congratulations and thanks for sharing.
39 hours total exposure…really impressive !

You should take a look at the image made by Nicolas Outters himself :

Nice job. that’s a tough target I understand.