Tools > Options > Genral Tab: Revise Browse Button Destination

[1] I have had a license for SG Pro for a few years now (gladly) and have no recollection if there is such a version as an SG which is not Pro - the Pro has all the features that anyone that wants to automate sequencing “must have”. Perhaps if there aren’t a non-pro versions of this software then there is no point in categorizing them differently, which brings me to the main subject of my recommendation.

[2] Equipment profiles are located in the Appdata/Local/Sequence Generator/Sequence Generator Pro although there are some files with the profile extension that exist a folder higher up. I totally understand the need to have SGP and SG, perhaps those licensed with the non-pro version may not have the luxury of managing profiles, BUT - why not have a folder for “Equipment Profiles” instead? If you look at the content of the Sequence Generator folder you see files with profile identifications, but the actual profiles seem to be in the pro sub-folder. I think organizing these could be helpful although I am sure there are many good reasons why things are the way that they are. BUT - the next item may be found to have more merits. While we are at it why not have a folder for the log files?

[3] When a user is in the Tools > Options > General tab to see where the profiles are stored, for example, and want to get a better view of that path than what is offered in the little text box that requires the user to focus in and then scroll all the way to the right in order to see the path, I wind up clicking on the Browse button thinking it will take me to the root of the profiles folder where I can work my way up or down as I need. But no, it brings me back all the way to the root of Desktop. Why would it do that? As a user I don’t want to be that far away from where the software I am using wants things to be. Plus, if I want to go far, I should be able to choose. I recommend the browse button to be specified to bring the user to the actual location where the profile is and let the user decide to navigate up and away if they want to. This is a common problem with common software, but SGP isn’t a common software, is it!

You can set this folder where ever you choose it to be. I personally use a folder inside my dropbox so profiles get synced between multiple machines.

This is (mostly) a windows issue which varies based on the type of dialog box you ask for. We may be able to provide a better initial path hint here. I can take a look.


Jared, thanks for looking into this.

I realize the user can customize file locations, etc. But a lot of things are involved and as I am sure you are aware, there are a lot of other software and drivers working to make things happen. Each seem to have the mind of their own. For example, PS2 does give you the option of where the catalog files should be stored with a default being offered. SGP assumes the files have been located somewhere under its wings, and so a user has to eventually train one or the other. My policy of accepting the defaults is for simplicity and consistency, which is why I was suggesting the files stored under SGP could be organized by default. And yes, the user can always change the location as they wish.

I am not sure where you image, but where I image there is no access to the internet or a WiFi connected to it for me to use OneDrive or DropBox as a central place to keep the parameter files shared among my computers, so I have to keep them on the local machines.


Jared, I was working to organize using the Options choice and noticed there are no options for a location for Log files. Those are also important to keep organized. Just a suggestion.