Two possible bugs

My first few runs with the new version have apparently discovered two possible bugs:

1 - I set the park position of my scope. Next session it was forgotten. I told the scope to park but it just moved a small distance and then ‘parked’.

2 - I am finding that several ‘mosaic and framing wizard’ tries result in a error claiming that this area is not available (several Messier objects). This caused serious hassle during the runs because I was adding further targets.

Not a bug, but me! When the plate-solve process is activated during a new target acquisition, it notes the pixel error is above my threshold but it then activates the scope to drive at high speed even when only a few pixels adrift. Is there a setting to reduce the drive speed during target centring?


Lawrence Harris

#1 The park position is something that is remembered by the scope not SGP.
#2 It would be helpful if you could be specific about the targets that where not found.

What scope are you using? The default method SGP uses to center is to plate solve; sync the scope; then slew to the target coordinates. SGP is not setting the speed of the slew - your scope is doing that.

For #2 be sure to update to the latest SGP version (either 2 or 3 depending on your license). There were some issues with fetching images a while back. If this doesn’t resolve it please let us know what you’re looking for so we can attempt to duplicate it.

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Thanks for the reply.

My scope knows where I park. When parked, I then ‘set park’ in SGP. Next session near the end I clicked SGP ‘park’ instead of having to access the scope’s keypad - but the scope merely moved slightly and ‘parked’.

Targets not consistent. After failing to get the selected Messiers, I assumed that it was a network fault and tested that. The network was fine. I then tried the same targets on a different laptop - it got them in! Later in the session I repeated the attempt. Some targets were found, others were not. This is before I discovered the bug was already known about!

I will again check the scope settings regarding the centring target speed - where-ever it is!



You may be able to set the park in the ascom driver. SGP only tells the mount to “Park” and “Unpark”. We don’t tell it where to park when issuing the Park command. So if the mount isn’t going where you need it to then it’s likely in the ASCOM driver that this will need to be changed.

As for the Framing and Mosaic Wizard failing to fetch, we’ll still need actual examples that are causing the issue to duplicate the problem.


On the tab there are both ‘set park’ and ‘park’ options. As explained, I did the set park when I had parked the scope. Next day I selected 'park at the end but it didn’t. The purpose of the ‘set park’ command is not therefore obvious to me.

Regarding the Fand MW occasional failures, I do have the logs but am unable to follow them in enough details. FWIW I also noticed at the time, and just now, that M2 returns the wrong cords and field.



The “Set Park” tells the ASCOM driver to use that position as the park position. But beyond that SGP has no control over the actual location.

If you can attach some logs where you’ve attempted to Set Park and Park I can take a look. Please see here:

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