Unable To Run SX Filter Wheel Full 7 Positions

I have been using SGP with my new SX 7 position 36mm filter wheel for 5 months now. I have the Lum, Red, Green, Blue and Ha filters installed…5 positons. I just purchased 2 more filters, OIII and SII, filling positons 6 & 7. I went out last night for 5 hours and proceeded to to some Narrow Band Imaging, only to find that the filter wheel never moved past the 5th slot. I checked my downloads and they all looked suspiciously the same. However on the FITS headers, the OIII and SII filters showed up. I bench tested this morning and and positons 6 and 7 are not being found. If I used Starlite Xpress’s own program (USB), I will get all 7 filters to move. I must be missing something in defining my filters in SGP. Yet all 7 filters show up in the filter definitions. Help!

I found the solution: The SX Filter Wheel’s device settings were not chaged from 5 to 7 filters. Everything OK now.

Please see this: