Understanding meridian flip

I have a losmandy g11 mount and Gemini II controller (with sbig stt8300 and SGFW). Please can I check my understanding of meridian flip in sg pro:

Can I start a sequence and expect the mount to automatically do a meridian flip if this is required to continue tracking/ imaging?

thanks for your help
Paul Kirk

sorry i should have added that as far as I understand meridian flip from the G11 documentation, automatic Meridian flip as described in the SGP help does not seem to be supported. So presumably SGP does something with the ascom driver to enable this to happen?


Yes and yes. As long as you have “use auto meridian flip” enabled.

Technically speaking I believe SGP will simply flip the mount when needed. But it is also recommended (almost required) that you have a plate solver set up and “Auto center after meridian flip” checked (in the meridian flip options) so that you get back on your target accurately.

Do you have plate solving set up and working?


I use a Mi-250/Gemini-2. Meridian flip works just fine. Big things to realize is that you have to be in the ‘window’ in order for the Gemini-2 to command the flip. That is set by your limits and the western GOTO value.

Before you leave it un-attended, try and run a few flips manually during the day.

thanks Guys - great idea about tying it during the day. I’ll do that.


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All you have to do is make a new profile and turn off plate solving/guiding.

It’s great for fine tuning the meridian flip. The G11 is a bit more forgiving on meridian flips than my Mi250 is.