Unwanted CCD temp cool between downloads

Although there is normally no problem when taking exposures lasting several seconds and more, when I do flats/bias sequences I notice that the CCD temp rises almost back to ambient level. Is this outside the scope of the SGP software to control?

What camera is this?


Sorry - daft oversight of mine! Starlight Xpress M25C.


There was a time when Terry of SX had a firmware driver that switched of the cooler while downloading to minimise
If you ask him he will email you a new driver which leaves the cooler on at all times and therefore you will not have the

temp Problem



I believe it is still the case, I define a delay between each exposure so that the camera can get back to the desired temperature, especially important for bias runs …


You are right Harry - I had an H18. When the cooler is active during download, there is potential for interference noise on the image which bias calibration will not remove. The solution was to put in a few seconds of delay between bias exposures.

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With my cameras m25 -h35-h16 there was indeed noise to start with , but terry improved the firmware

and my cameras now do not switch off the cooling at all and there is very little noise now , but none of these are the latest

Tirus cameras