Using VBScripts to automate mount control before and after event

Celestron Advanced Series CG5-GT mount users in particular,

I still have some kinks to work out with my imaging work flow, but, looking ahead, I am wondering if anyone is using Pre-Event or Post-Event VBScripts to automate things like parking the mount when an sequence completes. I have downloaded a park script that someone helpfully pointed me to, but I really don’t know how to use it. And the script doesn’t give me much information to go on, at least in my present state of utter ignorance about VB.

I don’t have a remote observatory, but I leave my entire rig out on my patio for most of the year. The mount is immovable and permanently polar aligned. I cover it with a weatherproof scooter cover between uses, and I would be glad to tell anyone interested about how my SGP work flow is progressing.

How others have automated the beginning and end of remote controlled events would be of great interest to me, if you would like to share your techniques.


Dave, you don’t mention the mount, but SGP already can park a mount. Do you need something more specific?

It’s a Celestron CG-5, and trying to park it with SGP just runs the OTA into a mount tripod leg. That is why I supposed it needs a script for it to park more gracefully. Am I wrong on that?


I used to park my CGEM. Did you set a home position? I remember having to do that for my roof. Does that help?

You have to set the Park position in the ASCOM driver. It isn’t the same as the Home position that is in the HC because there isn’t a way to use or read the HC Home position from the driver.

Chris R

Thanks Chris (and mads0100). Haven’t done that. With the help of Google I should be able to figure out how to do that in the ASCOM driver. I’ll be satisfied if it will just return to home position after a sequence. Then I will hope it doesn’t rain until I can get out to cover it up. Should be good for another couple hours of sleep. I am getting so I can’t imagine a life without SGP.



Next thing you know you’ll have a Skyshed and a weather station :). One tidbit for you from when I used to do it the way you’re doing it… get one of those swing set anchors and sink it below where you usually set up. Then, use a ratchet strap (or similar) to secure the scope to the anchor… it’ll save you if the wind picks up (as it’s known to do in SD from time to time)!

If I were 10 or 15 years younger, I certainly would be looking at Skyshed and all the things that go with it.

Your idea of the swing set anchor is a new one to me and one that makes sense. Unfortunately, my tripod is sitting on a concrete patio, but it is in a sheltered spot (I think), and I just pray a little harder when the storm hits. So far the last two summers we have had several storms with winds up to 70, and the telescope is still there. But, who knows what may be coming down the pike?