Why is SGP doing superfluous solves on me?

I am using a sequence generated by the MFW. Everytime I start a sequence during a session, a new, totally unecessary plate solve and centering takes place. This is not something I am familiar with.
How do I turn it off?

Thanks and Hi all!


Whoops! Seems I found it!

and so ?
you should post the solution you found for your problem.
beause if not , that make that topic complete useless.

Most likely had “Center on” when target starts and/or “Slew to” when target starts check boxes enabled as shown below.

Thanks, topbox. Yes that was it. Seems this became a default setting somewhere between the version of SGP I was using on my imaging machine compared to the later version on my desktop?

I was oblivious to it until a sequence I had prepared on one machine, using the MFW, was loaded into the other for use. Likely not a good practice anyway.

SGP will prompt you when creating a sequence from the MFW on how to center the object. But that’s been there for a long while.