Will SGP work with my equipment?

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I’m new to imaging ( but 35 years in astronomy). I have acquired equipment for imaging and am in the middle of the “cluster” of getting everything to work. A friend suggested definitely using SGP as my main capture software. But reading the posts in the forum is concerning as it seems there are many issues. So I am reaching out to those experienced users who can tell me if I can get the following equipment to function using SGP, even if it takes too much time and study (I don’t mind that part):

AP Mach2 Mount, AP 130 scope, with .72x quadtcc
Moravian C3 61000 Pro camera (no native SGP driver, so ASCOM), with 7 CFW
Lodestar Pro guide camera, in OAG.
Moonlite Nightcrawelr focuser/rotator.
Pegasus UPBv2 (usb and power hub), with stand alone software.
dedicated laptop running win 11 pro.

Also, I do not need an internet connection to use a paid subscription of SGP in the field, right?


is this forum the only way to get questions answered from SGP?

This is not an official SGP response…

SGP will work with all your equipment. You need to have an internet connection initially to activate your license (after the trial period). After that you do not need an internet connection.

There are not “many issues” with SGP. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of different equipment combinations and dozens or more settings in SGP that can affect functionality. If you’re willing to take your time to learn the software you’ll be fine.

Thank you joelshort. It is good to know, because Learning all software and drivers and configurations so far has been new to me. Just want to make sure SGP can meet my needs before spending great time learning it. It is good to know there are not many issues, and SGP Deals with them. It is deceiving when nearly every post on the forum is viewed ( as a newcomer) as another “something” that doesnt work properly. Thank you again for the reasurance. It is really appreciated. _J

Hi JohnL - I can’t address the issue of whether SGP will work with a Moravian camera or a Moonlite Nightcrawler, since I don’t have those items, but I do have an AP 1200GTO mount, Ultrastar guide camera (upscale version of Lodestar), and a Pegasus UPBv2, and they play just fine with SGP 3. I haven’t tried SGP 4 yet. Nor have I installed Windows 11 - that might be the big unknown. One suggestion: I find that I need to connect my cameras (ZWO ASI1600MM and ASI2600MC) directly to the laptop, rather than through the UPBv2; the Moravian might be different, but the coolers on my cameras don’t work when I connect them through the hub.

SGP should work with all your equipment without issue. However, as Joel mentioned, there are literally thousands of combinations of gear out there. This is why we offer a 45 day trial so you can validate that SGP works with your gear and performs to your expectations prior to purchase.

This is a support forum so that’s what you’re going to find, just the nature of the beast.

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I do not have a AP mout neither a Morovian camera but my UPB v2 work perfectly with 2 ZWO cameras. The 120 MM for guiding with PHD2 and the main camera 2600MM for imaging. The light crawler is working perfectly too with SGP.
All with Ascom drivers.
SGP is a great software for astrophotography.