Wizard Nebula

Ha used for Luminance, it worked out better when I did not use Ha for a color channel but used a mix that was mostly S2 for the Reddish Portion, O3 the Blue, with some RGB for the stars. Given the areas that emitted each, that gave better contrast.

Wizard Narrow

STT 8300
TOA 130
Paramount ME
Processing PI and PS
Capture SGP/PhD/TSX

Total 35.8 hours


Wow. Not bad at all. :fireworks:

That’s beautiful. Good job!

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Hi CCDMan,

I apologize for published content, although I wish to express kindness, as mads0100 said, this is the difference of cultures.
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No worries, no problem!

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Hi CCDMan,

Beautiful image, very,very nice


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