Wont plate solve Pacman nebula

I had this issue the other day - plate solving usually works perfectly but for some reason in the area around the pacman nebula it seems to fail. Any ideas why this would be?

Do you need to adjust the PlateSolve settings or is it OK to leave them at default? The starting parameters and the default location…

You shouldn’t need to touch any of the settings in PlateSolve2 other than the path to the catalogs. All settings for plate solving should be done within SGP.

If you can attach the FITs and the SGP log we can take a look


Not all that uncommon. Worse, it can be flaky, sometimes solving and sometimes not. I do suspect that sometimes it is too many stars detected since this happens more often with my larger chips. Try using a shorter exposure and no binning and maybe something other than a Lum filter. I have found that makes it work at least part of the time.

Cheers, will drop the exposure time a bit and see how that goes - if I still have problems will save the file and post it up here with the log

We always recommend that people who want to use PlateSolve2 as their solver, set up ANSVR by Andy Galasso as their fallback solver. ANSVR will often take longer (settings dependent), but it will only be used when the primary solver fails.