Wont plates solve on start or meridian flip

Hello, I’m having problems with plate solving, I can plate solve manually ok , but once I start a sequence it will not plate solve, and again on meridian flip it will not initiate a plate solve, I’ve tried ASAP and PS2 both without success. Over the last several weeks of unusually clear weather, once the sequence needs to meridian flip thing seem to go crazy, last night I set up a sequence of 150 green and 150 red, it sequenced the reds which imaged ok when it came to sequence green it did 150 frames but of the wrong part of the sky.
The change from red to green filter occurred around 12:11 which would have been close to MF, so I assume that it would not plate solve again.

I have "Auto centre after meridian flip " box checked in setup.
Log attached.

Is this the right log? I see no attempt at meridian flip during that session.

Its the right log, I have meriian flip selected in both Ascom and SGP, could erratic PHD2 behavior override the MF, I occoassionly have swings where guiding wont settle