Zoom On Selection Not Working

When I use this feature to select an area on an image, the image zooms but not to the area I selected.

I have just tested it in version and and it doesn’t work in either.

It hasn’t worked for some time but used to work fine, I dont know if its something I have done or a bug but I used to use this a lot without issue.

Any thoughts, is anyone else having the same issue?

Hi Midnightlighning,

I’ve just this minute re-checked and can confirm that on my V4 setup this features works as expected, i.e. I do not see the issue you’ve described.
This is a screen grab of my SGPro version, etc., if this helps.
Kind regards

Thanks Dave, that’s good to know.
Are you running 32 or 64 bit, I cant tell from the Release number?

Interestingly I have just tried again, this time on my Desktop PC and it is working, but it doesn’t work on two Laptops one of which has the same software as the desktop. Very odd, perhaps something in the config?

You’re referring to the selection box zoom? Is this happening on a laptop that was/is plugged into an external monitor?


Yes selection box zoom. Both laptops are using their own screens, one is a Dell XPX 13”, quite small but the other is a full size laptop. I have been through all the settings and can’t see anything unusual.

All three machines, including the Desktop that works, are using the same profile from my NAS so all those settings are the same.

Hm, there are no settings for that. Can you tell where it’s zooming to? Is the image display rotated in SGP? For instance if you were to make a selection in the top left corner where does it go?

Also what is the resolution of that display and what, if any, scaling are you using on it?


No rotation and it zooms to an area slightly lower and to the right of the selected area.

I use scaling and can confirm this is the issue, it works fine with scaling off. These are the settings I use, which are recommended due to high definition screens.


Sorry, I should have answered your question ages ago. I’m running the 64 bit Beta versions

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I will take a look at this issue and see if I can fit it in the beta. Scaling the selection shouldn’t be that difficult… we do it in a hundred other places already… just overlooked this one.

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