ZWO ASCOM Driver v6.5.4 released 05/13/22

I began having image issues with my ASI294MM Pro. The camera would not work with any ascom based program I tried. The programs would recognize the camera but the down loaded images were scrambled. ZWO released a new driver today and this appears to have fixed the issue. Hopefully the Friday the 13th version 6.54 will be stable.

I don’t know if this is related, but we’ve seen a rash of ASI issues recently because Windows 11 and later versions of Windows 10 no longer install .NET 3.5 which is required to use ASCOM. No idea if this is applicable here, but thought I’d mention it:

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In my attempt to get the camera working I went to the ascom site to re-download 6.6 and followed their instructions for .NET 3.5. The camera did not function until I downloaded the new ZWO driver but I will add .NET 3.5 to my troubleshooting checklist.

FYI. Prior to being informed about the new driver I received this from ZWO: We are looking at this issue and will be in contact soon. Two of the ASIAir testers reported this same issue with BIN2 on the ASIAir with the same preview image you are getting.

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I am not sure how this relates to my issue as I do not use the ASIAir product and I was having issues with all bin options.