ZWO ASI071 download timeout

I have a ZWO ASI071 camera. When I first got the camera I found that SGP would hang on download especially when using a longer USB3 cable. I tried several different long UBS3 cables (some active powered). For a while this worked great, I had no problems with download hangups. Currently my setup usually works fine, downloads in only a couple of seconds, however a few times a night the system gets stuck in the download cycle. SGP eventually stops the download and starts to take another image… but the time lag is very long. Is there anyway that I can reduce the time SGP allows the download cycle to continue before it declares a fault? Of course I would rather not have SGP hang on download so if you have a way to eliminate the hang on download I would appreciate any help. Otherwise is there any way to shortening the fault time?

Did you ever resolve this issue. I’m having the same problem with my ZWO ASI1600MC-PRO

I still occasionally have the hangup on download. I find that this only happens with the first few frames. After that I can take 200 images with no hangup. So I always watch the imaging for the first 5 or 6 frames…if it hangsup I just reset the ZWO ASI 071 (essentially turn off/on) and resume.

I have to believe it is some kind of bus loading issue.


It is possible that the version of SGPro that supports 64-bit drivers may help to alleviate this problem. It is in a private beta now so we should have it up for testing reasonably soon.