ZWO ASI1600MCC only creates grey scale FIT files

I’m new to SGPro and I really like this Software.

I have an ASI 1600 MC-C camera and basically everything works fibe, except that the FIT files that are created, are only Grey Scaled files. I cannot get the Software to create colour Images. Am I missing something here?

There is no function where I can Change the File type to say PNG or SER. The ASCOM Driver also does not allow me to Change the colour Setting. I do not have the Mono Bin box checked and the ASCOM Driver Shows the Bayer pattern.

Other less sofisticated capture Software record in the Pictures with the same Driver in colour. Can someone help?

Thank you.

The images have colour but SGP does not de-bayer them. You’ll have to view the colour in another program.

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Thank you very much for The prompt response. Do you have any suggestions which app one could use?

This is a totally new topic for me. I guess I will have to convert the images before stacking them?

Thanks, Allen

Nebulosity 4 is one tool. PixInsight is another powerful but more expensive tool. PixInsight is probably the best astronomical processing software and that’s what I currently use.


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Peter, thank you for your suggestions. Will try them.


Another processing software to look into is one called StarTools. It’s a great piece of software for processing images and it only cost about $40. I’ve been using it for over a year and it’s great. here’s the link if you’re interested,


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Will give it a try. Thank you.