ZWO asi533 not compatible

I am using a new ZWO asi533MC camera and SGPro will not recognize it. The ASCOM driver also does not work. Is there an update for this camera available?

I do not know specifically about the ASI533MC, but their ASCOM drivers also require the native driver to be installed. Make sure both of those have been installed and you’re using the “ASI Camera” driver in SGP. If it is still having issues you’ll likely need to contact ZWO about their drivers or provide a SGP log here with the error and we can take a look.

Thank you,

Thanks Jared! I went back and deleted the ZWO folder and reinstalled the master, camera driver, and direct show. Now, I get a picture in the focus window but it is still black and white, which I guess I’ll live with. LoL!

All color cameras produce black and white data until the image is debayered. As SGPro is built for capture and color is not typically needed in order to inform how data is captured, we have never added it to SGPro.

Ok good! Now I understand. Thanks for all the help. I going to put SGPro through its paces next week to see how it works!:blush: