ZWO Filter Wheel Selection

I have a setup with two telescopes in tandem, each of which has a ZWO filter wheel. When I image with one scope, I use the other for guiding. In the ASCOM Profile Explorer the two filter wheels are named: ASCOM.EFW2.FilterWheel and ASCOM.EFW2_2.FilterWheel. The problem I have is that, if one of the filter wheels does not have power applied or is otherwise unavailable for connection, SGPro will connect to the other wheel regardless of which wheel is in the Sequence. This happened the other night and SGPro was supposed to connect to the “EFW2” wheel but instead connected to the “EFW2_2” wheel with no error messages or anything. This resulted in guiding failures whenever SGPro changed filters, because it was changing them on the guide scope, not the imaging scope. I looked through the SGPro log file and could find no references to “EFW2_2” in the log for that night. All the references were to “EFW2”. I’m wondering if this is something in SGPro or maybe it’s the ZWO ASCOM driver that’s doing it (i.e., connecting to whatever filter wheel is available, regardless of which one is requested).

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**OS:**WIndows 10 Pro
**Ver:** 64-bit

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That’s going to be an issue in their ASCOM driver. I’m assuming that if the “last saved” driver isn’t available they just select the next available one rather than giving you an error that the device isn’t available.


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Hi guys,

That is the exact same problem I am having with my ASCOM filter wheels. I will forward this to my hardware supplier (Player one)